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Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

Mega Setups are experienced event partners for small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. We often organise corporate events that include conferences, gala dinners, trade, student and job fairs, and End of Year parties; at a range of venues including hotels, conference centres, stadiums, tourist attractions and open spaces. Our corporate service includes setting up the infrastructure and decor prior to the event, and providing catering and entertainment on the day and ensuring all details are attended to so your event runs smoothly.

The equipment we can provide to set up spectacular venues for such occasions includes but is not limited to, the following items:
Blackout or transparent marquees or tents in a wide variety of sizes;
Structured aluminium flooring or carpets in a selection of colours;
Wooden or glass stages, podiums, and dance floors,
Decorative LED and fog lighting;
All other decor, including flowers, draperies, balloons, garlands and ornamentation;
Sound systems;
LED Bars and aluminium cocktail tables;
Selection of metal and plastic tables and chairs, sofas and bar stools;
Mobile VIP toilets;
and Mobile coolers, aircon and fans.

We have a large dedicated team who work tirelessly to set up venues efficiently and safely. Our staff are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and we also provide the aluminium scaffolding and ladders required to set up the marquees securely. 

If you require food and drink at your event, our exceptional catering services are at your disposal for sit down meals or buffets, offering a wide range of delicious Mauritian, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine, drinks and desserts. The food is served by our dedicated wait staff and the tables are dressed immaculately with flowers or candles or other trimmings. We will also supply the appropriate tableware including fine china, silver service or disposable. We also offer entertainment options for your event, from DJ’s, live bands and singers, to dance groups, and we can also organise firework displays to really wow your guests. Other professional services we provide include photography and videography, and transport for VIP guests and other attendees. A well organised event can impress clients and investors as well as enhance your brand. Contact us now to arrange your corporate event.