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Mega Setups offers premium catering services for any occasion including weddings, private, corporate and national events. We offer a wide range of delicious Mauritian, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine, drinks (non-alcoholic) and desserts. You can choose between vegetarian or non-veg buffet items or sit down meals. Our buffet items are available for any event and below you will find a selection of what we can provide:


Chicken: crispy, croquettes with fine herbs, nuggets (classic or with cheese), mini burgers,
Chicken: satay (mini) citronella, tikka, bbq, with veg on skewers, or tandoori style kebabs, tandoori style cutlets, barbeque flavour drumsticks, satay (mini) sawama, satay (mini BBQ), satay (mini) chicken tikka indian style
Chicken ballotine with cheese and spinach
Chicken Milanese
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken liver terrine
Chicken stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms
Lamb: mini burgers, meatballs
Lamb ballotine with cheese and vegetables
Fish: crispy with lemon; breaded with fine herbs
Mini galettes stuffed with fish and vegetables
Prawns: crispy, breaded with fine herbs
Crispy saffron flavoured octopus
Calamari: crispy with fine herbs; crispy tandoori style; crispy mini satay; with citronella sauce,
Spring rolls: chicken, lamb, fish, seafood with vegetables
Tempura: chicken, fish (full or mini)
Roulades: chicken with cheese and tomato; fish with cheese and tom yam flavour.
Kebab skewers: Chicken, lamb
Mini Quiches: chicken, meat, fish
Vol-au-vents: chicken, meat, fish
Beignets: Chicken, fish, calamari, prawn


Spring rolls, tempura, galettes, beignets, mini burgers, roulades, spring rolls, crispy spring rolls
Kebab skewers: tandoori style; fine herbs; mini
Vegetables dumplings
Cheese: nuggets, samosas, crispy with fine herbs
Mini Quiches and vol-au-vents with a variety of vegetarian fillings.

We can also provide sit down meals for your guests and offer a wide choice of vegetarian and non-veg options. Below is just a small selection of what we can provide:

Cantonese fried rice
Jeera rice
Plain rice
Briani: veg, chicken, lamb, fish
Curries: chicken, lamb, fish, prawn, vegetable
Stews: chicken, lamb, fish, prawn, vegetable
Chicken chop suey
Sweet and sour fish
Stewed vegetables: cauliflower, chayotte, pumpkin etc.
DIced tomato chutney
Mixed salads.

Of course for weddings we also provide the traditional ‘7 carri’, with a choice of the following:

‘ti puri’ (small fried breads)
Butter bean and potato curry
White haricot bean soup
Stewed chayote
Stewed taro leaves
Stewed pumpkin
Stewed jackfruit
Stewed greens
Plain rougaille
Rougaille kofta
Chilli cake curry
Spiced green bananas
Pickles, Kutchias, and salads
Takkar (tamarind sauce)
Desserts : Rasgulla or Jalebi

For shorter events that may not require a full buffet or sit down meal, we also offer tea, coffee, juice and other refreshments, together with savoury and sweet snacks, including traditional Mauritian fried snacks,  served on trays by our wait staff. We can also provide a full bar service with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks according to your preferences.

Your food can be prepared off site or we can provide the equipment and staff to prepare it on site. Our attentive wait staff are available to serve your meals and we dress your tables impeccably with flowers or candles or other trimmings according to your preferences. We also supply the appropriate tableware from disposable items and banana leaves to fine china and silver service.  

If you have any specific items you would like us to provide, or have any food allergies or intolerances, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.